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Managed network security services are third-party providers, solution providers or value-added re.sellers that can be hired to outsource tasks or processes related to network security.

The Importance of Network Security for Businesses in 2016

In today’s modern era, almost every business uses a computer and use a computer network to receive, send and store information.

Whether it is storing documents, sending emails, or serving information via a web server, it's very crucial to focus on the security, especially if the network contains personal, sensitive, and confidential information. Network security might not seem crucial to you, til you lose the data or lose the privacy of the data content. Network security should be one of the highest priorities to any business. Without perpetual network monitoring and proper up to date protection software, your network will be at risk from hackers and various other global threats.

Network security affects all types of businesses, whether large or small. If your network security happens to get breached the intruder can do all kinds of harm. That's why business owners need to be educated and informed about network security services, types of attacks and threats, and how to secure and monitor their networks.

Types of Network Security Attacks

Phishing; Phishing can be described as the act of trying to acquire information/data such as passwords, credit cards details and usernames, by pretending to be a credible or trustworthy entity. A malicious hacker can send out a fake link or email so as to collect the user's passwords, usernames and credit card details. As a matter of fact, hackers can duplicate entire sites in an attempt to try and steal precious data/information from users.

  • Eavesdropping; This is one of the most common attacks. A hacker can gain private information by listening to the information that's being sent over your network. Since most communications are normally sent unencrypted, network traffic is more susceptible to such interception. The wireless networks are much more susceptible to eavesdropping than the wired ones. Fortunately, if you hire a good network monitoring service provider, eavesdropping can be effectively prevented by use of encryption algorithms.
  • Password attacks; These are some of the most feared attacks since the user gets compromised and the entire network may get damaged. These type of attacks are based on cracking the user's or equipment's passwords. This is 1 of the major reasons why businesses/corporate use strong passwords which are changed frequently. Strong and frequently changed passwords help reduce password attack risk.
  • Application Layer attacks; These type of attacks are usually based on cracking the applications which run on workstations or servers. These are fairly common attacks because computers run on many different applications which are more susceptible to attacks. A malicious hacker uses worms, viruses and Trojans to infect the device running the application, which then grants the hacker access to critical information.

The above network security attacks bring about lots of potentially destructive threats. Today, there are many network security threats which are spread over the networks/Internet. Some of the most common include;

  • Worms, viruses, and Trojan horses
  • Adware and Spyware
  • Data interception and theft
  • Zero day attacks, which are also known as zero hour attacks
  • Identity theft, among others

There are lots of of security attacks and threats which can affect your business, therefore you should implement the appropriate measures to ensure no security breaches occur. Businesses should closely monitor their systems for any potential unauthorized access, along with other kinds of attacks. So as to safeguard the sensitive information, it's important to carry out routine checks, and create a safe and reliable network. Network security can be achieved through the use of the appropriate and effective software and hardware. The software needs to be constantly updated and properly managed to fully protect you from all kinds of emerging attacks and threats. A network security system basically consists of numerous components. Ideally, all the components work hand in hand, which in turn minimizes maintenance and also improves security. 

The components include;

  • Anti virus and anti spyware
  • Firewall; used to block any unauthorized access to the network
  • IPS (abbreviation for, Intrusion prevention systems); used to identify fast spreading threats, like zero hour or zero day attacks
  • VPN (abbreviation for, Virtual Private Networks); used to provide a secure remote access

Benefits of Network Security Services To a Business
With proper network security in place, your business will experience lots of benefits. Your business will be fully protected against any business disruption, which in turn helps keep the employees productive. Quality network security services will help your company/business meet the mandatory regulatory compliance. Corporate IT security services will also help protect your customers'/clients' data, which in turn reduces risks of legal actions from data theft. Moreover, network monitoring security services help protect your business's reputation, which is 1 of the most important assets you have. Let us now take a closer look at the benefits a business can enjoy from network security services;

1. Protects the Company’s Assets; This is the primary goal of securing your computers and your computer networks. Assets in this case mean the data or information that's stored in the networks; these assets are just as valuable and as crucial as the other company tangible assets. Network security is mainly concerned with the protection, integrity and safe access of sensitive and confidential information. It involves accessibility of information and data in a more meaningful manner. In other words, a secure network adequately protects the confidential information by basically restricting access to the authorized users only.

2.Enables You To Comply with the Mandatory Regulatory Requirements and also Ethical Responsibilities; It's the obligation of every organization to develop policies and procedures which address the security requirements for the protection of customer information. Network security services basically provide adequate safety and security for the company and customer information, and will keep you in compliance with the laws which are applicable to your particular industry. In addition to this, protection of the company’s assets means that it's protected from any liability addressing to ethical responsibilities of the company.

3.Gives You a Competitive Advantage; Developing a proper security system for your networks gives your business the much needed competitive edge. In this modern era where e-commerce and financial services normally take place online, efficient network security is of the utmost importance. Customers recognize this, and only choose to deal with a business which has efficient network security.

Network security is a critical issue which all businesses need to have implemented. You need to have the best network security provider to help ensure the security of all the company's sensitive information. They will help deter, detect, detect, and also correct any security issues.
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